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Enterprise and Supplier Development

Tirhani Fresh Produce (Pty) Ltd: A Successful Enterprise and Supplier Development Project in Hammanskraal, Pretoria.

In 2021/22, alongside our sponsor, we proudly assisted Sheila Mawela in establishing Tirhani Fresh Produce in Hammanskraal, Pretoria. My SME is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in South African communities through our enterprise and supplier development programs, catering specifically to companies engaged in corporate social responsibility projects.

Our enterprise and supplier development initiative focuses on providing business training and business coaching to entrepreneurs across South Africa, equipping them with the principles, knowledge and understanding of the local economic system. We guide these entrepreneurs in crafting effective business strategies, implementing sustainable business models, and establishing efficient operational systems for business management.

In collaboration with our partners, these programs not only offer technical baking skills training but also sponsor entrepreneurs with the necessary equipment to launch bakeries in their communities. We take pride in our bakery enterprise and supplier development projects, as these corporate and social responsibility projects addresses critical community needs by fostering entrepreneurship, creating job opportunities, and combating hunger at affordable pricing for community members.

Our Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme consists of 3 Phases.

Phase #1: Business Coaching and Training

The initial phase centers on intensive business coaching and training. We focus on imparting fundamental business principles essential for the success of the project. The goal is to equip entrepreneurs with business strategies, sustainable models, and streamlined operational systems for effective management.

Tirhani Fresh Produce caters primarily to the Hammanskraal community, offering products tailored to local needs at affordable prices.

Phase #2: Business Development

The second phase involves comprehensive business development efforts. Here, we witness the fruition of hard work through branding, logo design, website development, and marketing initiatives. As part of our enterprise and supplier development program for corporates, we provide branding and marketing support to sponsored candidates.

For Tirhani Fresh Produce, we provided branding services including logo design, website development (, and branding essentials, e.g. signage & flyers.

My SME also assisted with company compliance for Tirhani Fresh Produce, we registered the following compliance:

  • Pty Company Registration
  • Share Certificate
  • Tax Verification 
  • Tax Clearance Certificate

Phase #3: Business Support

The final phase emphasises sustainability. We provide ongoing mentorship, business coaching, and support to ensure the long-term success of these initiatives. Sheila Mawela from Tirhani Fresh Produce has received mentorship in business and financial management, resulting in a thriving bakery with a monthly turnover close to R20,000.

My SME Specialises in Enterprise and Supplier Development

My SME specialises in enterprise and supplier development, partnering with corporations engaged in corporate social responsibility projects since 2021. At the core of our enterprise and supplier development initiatives is a cutting-edge software system that records every step of the journey on a secure cloud server. This technology grants corporate sponsors real-time access to the progress of the entrepreneurs they support. You can download comprehensive progress reports that has details of each coaching session, the future prospectus, and video recordings of every coaching session.

For further information, reach out to us at or contact our offices at 021 834 9799.