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Welcome to My SME™, your trusted partner specialising in enterprise and supplier development for corporates engaged in social responsibility projects. 

Our enterprise and supplier development package is designed to empower entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding of the South African business landscape. We equip them with a well-crafted business strategy, a sustainable business model, and efficient systems to manage their operations with order and control.

At the core of our enterprise and supplier development initiatives is a cutting-edge software system that records every step of the journey on a secure cloud server. This technology grants corporate sponsors real-time access to the progress of the entrepreneurs they support. You can download comprehensive progress reports that has details of each coaching session, the future prospectus, and video recordings of every coaching session.

My SME™ accreditations

My SME™ is an accredited enterprise and supplier development institute.

We are Services SETA accredited and businesses engaged with corporate social responsibility projects can claim BEE points according to the skills development element scorecard. (Services SETA accreditation number: 13719)

We are an IMCSA acccredited business coaching institute (My SME™ accreditation number: 073PIMC).

We are a SAIPA accredited accounting practice (SAIPA membership number: 49629).

Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme

We specialise in Enterprise and Supplier Development services tailored for corporates engaged in social responsibility projects.

Part 1: Services SETA Training (New Venture Creation - NQF Level 2)

Completed in 12 Months

In the initial phase of our enterprise development programme, we provide comprehensive training in essential theoretical business skills and knowledge to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Upon successfully completing the NQF Level 2 learnership, entrepreneurs will be awarded a National Certificate, validating their achievement.

Part 1 Includes

SAQA Qualification ID 49648

Credits: 138


Part 2:
Business Coaching and Mentorship

Completed in 8 Months

Part 2 of our enterprise development programme is designed to empower entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding of the South African business landscape. We equip them with a well-crafted business strategy, a sustainable business model, and a streamlined operational system to manage their business with order and control.

Part 2 Includes

Business Coaching Include

Business Coaching Programme Prospectus

After the Business Coaching prospectus has been completed. We will start with 4 months of mentorship sessions. In the mentorship sessions of our enterprise development programme, we focus on tangible results. Our mentorship sessions play a pivotal role in holding entrepreneurs accountable for their marketing campaigns, sales achievements, and successful client deliveries. The mentorship is all about driving measurable growth and financial success for their venture. 

Business Mentorship Include


Part 3:
Business and Enterprise Development

Completed in 2 Months

Part 3 of our enterprise development programme focus on developing the entrepreneurs business model. This includes an effective business strategy, branding, a website and compliance registration. 

Part 3 Includes


Company Compliance

Letter of Reference

I write, on behalf of Siyabonga Africa, to endorse Mr. Brend Badenhorst and his company, My SME. Mr. Badenhorst has been instrumental in the advancement of our mission at Siyabonga Africa. Over the past two years, My SME has provided quality services and tools in the domain of Enterprise and Supplier Development, significantly strengthening our efforts to upskill the unemployed.

The pragmatic nature of My SME’s programs has resulted in tangible outcomes for the aspiring entrepreneurs under our wing. With their guidance, many of these individuals have not only acquired essential business skills but have also been adeptly supported in building their brand, enhancing their online presence, and establishing efficient business systems. My SME’s commitment to coaching and mentorship has been a transformative force, enabling our beneficiaries to transition from learning technical skills to applying them in real-world entrepreneurial ventures.

In conclusion, the partnership of Siyabonga Africa with My SME has been invaluable. Mr. Badenhorst’s leadership and the company’s expertise have proven to be indispensable assets in our quest to foster self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial spirit among the communities we serve.


Sarah-Jane Brink (Founder of Siyabonga Africa)

CLICK HERE to download Sarah’s letter of reference. 

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My SME™ is a trusted enterprise and supplier development specialist

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