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Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme Testimonial – EcoBakery

My SME, in collaboration with Siyabonga Africa, proudly presents our new project that started in June 2023 in the community if Marikana. The remarkable journey of Raserola Mashamaite from Eco Bakery (Pty) Ltd. in the Marikana community, through our Enterprise and Supplier Development programme, stands as a powerful testament to our SMME programmes and enterprise supplier development outcomes.

We provided assistance to Sheila through the following three key phases:

1: Clarity and Direction

Our simple enterprise and supplier development philosophy at My SME revolves around clarity and direction. For any startup or business to thrive, the owner needs a clear sense of direction, which is fostered through:
– Mindset: Shifting the entrepreneur’s mindset to think like an entrepreneur.
– The Right Business Idea: Simplifying the business idea to cater to the target market’s needs.
– Business Strategy: Assisting entrepreneurs in creating a practical business strategy.

Raserola’s success with the Eco Bakery SMME project in Marikana was attributed to a well-understood value proposition, which accounted for 80% of the project’s success.

2: Implementation and Business Model Development

The second focus is on implementing and developing a viable business model with key building blocks:
– Sales Cycle: Understanding the process of attracting customers to the bakery.
– Branding: Creating a professional logo and brand identity.
– Online Presence: Developing a 1-page website, a Facebook page, and a Google Maps location pin.
– Marketing: Assisting with tailored marketing ideas suitable for the community.
– Sales: Establishing sales processes to upsell customers in the bakery.

3. Managing a Business with Order and Control

The third focus involves managing a business with order and control. Raserola was equipped with management skills through systems, including prototype Google sheets for efficient business tracking. Additionally, we assisted him in a company registration, drafting professional share certificates, and registering his entity for tax.

Eco Bakery (Pty) Ltd. is currently hitting daily targets of +R2,000 and a monthly turnover of +R50,000. We want to congratulate the team at Eco Bakery and the manager Raserola Mashamaite for their hard work and incredible results!

Eco Bakery Website:
Facebook Page:

Expansion and Impact:
Building on the success of this enterprise and supplier development project, in partnership with Siyabonga we aim to replicate these achievements in communities across South Africa. The program addresses three critical needs in impoverished communities:
– Entrepreneurship: Developing genuine entrepreneurs who can operate independently within 2-3 years.
– Employment: Creating job opportunities for community members, particularly young individuals.
– Hunger: Providing communities with an affordable alternative to purchase bread locally.

Programme Duration:
While the enterprise and supplier development programme may yield success within a year, for long-term sustainability, we recommend a minimum of two years. Year one of the SMME programme focuses on four key phases, training, development, mentorship and the launch of these bakeries. In year two of the enterprise development process, the focus shifts towards ongoing support and mentorship, ensuring entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of running a business successfully.

For more information, visit our enterprise and supplier development webpage: